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March 10, 2011, 12:15 am
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Props to Manne Frank.




First of all I jus wanna say a big thank you to all peeps who came out to support us last month and to Julio Bashmore for tearing the proverbial roof aff. This has been my favourite one so far. Big big ups to all the peeps who helped out too. You know who you are and we coudln’t have done it without you.

ANYWAY THESE DUDES ARE SO HOT RIGHT NOW! Benoit & Sergio are based circa DC/Berlin and have put together this mix for xlr8r. I’d call it showing off. It’s full of feel-good anthems and the perfect soundtrack for a Saturday afternoon.


If you’ve not got time to listen to the whole mix right now try this on for size:

I got some reggae music for you too, in preparation for Subcity’s Sweet Sixteen tonight at The Arches. Chungo-Bungo will be taking over the dance arch for a peak time dancehall extravaganza. Enjoy these classic dancehall pieces and I’ll see you all tonight.

Sensi Addict – Horace Ferguson
Only Woman DJ With Degree – Sister Nancy
Blinking Something – Pinchers

And heres something else for you to feast your ears on…

This duo, Dynamode, are local as they come. But that doesn’t mean they can’t produce a sweet beat. Their “love of good music and overwhelming happiness to make noise” has earned them the attention of several labels, signing 12 tracks already with more in the pipeline. Watch out for these lads this year!

They’be been good enough to give away these 320’s for free. If you like them definatley check out their other releases on soundcloud.

In other news, this guy is hilarious and should be allowed to do whatever the fuck he wants. And so should this guy.

Have a good weekend everyone!

love peace + hand grease

Don’t Be A Menace

First up is a song from Pearson Sound aka David Kennedy aka Ramadanman. He released this little number back in November last year. It’s the b-side from Blanked out on Hessle Audio. Amazing video-game style synth flourishes that take you somewhere nice, only to be brought back down to earth by that snare and then punched in the throat by his signature driving bassline.

Pearson Sound – Blue Eyes

For this next one I’ve gotta give props to my man Dplus, who’s doing a brand new show on Sub City Radio with Bungo. Their show is called BASS ORIENTATION and well.. it’s all about bass-orientated shit. They blew up the studio after Chungo-Bungo this week, if you missed it listen again.

Anyway, this track is by a god of a man named Papoose off his album Papoose Season. Duuuurty.

Papoose – Buck Naked (192kbs)

Something a little more bouncy now, a new one from Mowgli. It’s off the new compliation Great Carnival Stuff Vol II out now on Great Stuff. This is the kinda tribal shit that Heerah and I like to pound out when the time is right. No doubt if we drop this one it’ll have at least one crowd member taps aff and maybe even a burd on someone’s shoudlers too. Here’s hoping!

Mowgli – Abacaxi (Orignal Mix)

If you like this sound, check out the full piece on Beatport or whatever else you like to download your shit from.

Also got a bit of shameless self promotion to do here. Bungo and I will be joined by your other itch! favourite, Heerah, this Saturday at Front to Back at club 520. We’re in the usual bar downstairs…

Expect reggae, hip-hop, house, soul, funk and the gayest disco Glasgow’s got to offer.


Interior: Crocodile Alligator

I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.

Big up’s to Mia Dora who’ll be rippin’ the stack apart this weekend as you can see below. Speaking of club 520, Chungo-Bungo can be found every weekend in the downstairs bar playing the usual riddims and tings like this too.

We also have a radio show, did a special about reggae covers this week.


– chungo

The New York Bum
January 27, 2011, 12:44 am
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The New York Bum


One late night in the shady streets of new yoik, I was confronted by this piece. He was literally dribbling so much (proper watery mucas surrounding his beak) and telling me how I should get him into the hotel because he would “bone so many hunnies”.
Im up for booking him for one of the summer parties?