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The Itch! Bitch

Our boy Gnarly and his homeslice Robocop are still churning out Mia Dora tunes like its the 90’s. They’ve lots of new material in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled on their soundcloud for new tracks:

Also hit them up on Facebook to find out about up and coming gigs and for general Mia Dora banter here —> Mia Dora’s Facebook Page. You can catch them in the Subclub on the 26th April at I AM with Koreless. This is gonna be a big night, if you haven’t heard of Koreless already you have to check him out, this is some top notch homegrown talent.

You can watch a clip of his awesome mix for Boiler Room below. We’re expecting big things for Koreless this year!

The Itch! Bitch


the morning after the day after the night before

The Itch! Bitch

So Kahn nailed it, as expected. somehow in the chaos that ensued post-itch i lost my camera. I’ll fire up photo evidence from the night once it returns (on the understanding it returns, but it always returns, its like a wise 7 year old Sony homing pigeon). We’ve got some sweet video footage from the night anyhows. Here’s niceface dropping some new Mia Dora beats.

Boys been crrreeping on some poor unsuspecting itchlets it would seem. gots to keep an eye on him in future. naughty gnarly.

The Itch! Bitch

Anyways, lotta sweet beats out there just now we wanna tell you about. Boddika, one half of uber duo Instra:mental – head honchos at Nonplus, is incapable of doing anything wrong just now. He’s been putting out some great tracks best described by FACT Magazine as techno-not-techno. This one’s my favourite:

Boddika – Syn Chron

MyMy & Emika’s outstanding house track Price Tag has been given a once over by Appleblim & Kononazmuk. Its got a great garage beat. Really nice chilled out track, highly recommended.

MyMy, Emika – Price Tag (Appleblim & Kononazmuk Remix)

Beware of the Itch! Bitch

I’ve avoided doing any posts on Odd Future so far seen as you can’t look anywhere just now without reading something about them. That said, they deserve all the hype they’re getting, its some serious raw talent. This track off the Earl Sweatshirt album is big.

Earl Sweatshirt – epaR ft. Vince Staples

Skrillex. that young pup. Can’t seem to mention his name just now without some heavy debate.

I try not to hate on any type of music as at the end of the day it all comes down to taste.  Skrillex included, though I’ve heard his music described as nothing short of a crime against humanity and in fairness, as a massive dubstep fan, i can see why people feel this way. Though there’s a teenage From First To Last fan inside me that can’t help but have a bit of a soft spot for him. I was a big fan of what he used to be about and I can hear elements of that in what he does now, which is why we went out of our way to revamp a Skrillex track in a way that was more to our tastes. I really like the original of this track, so it was first choice for a remix. We’ve gone all UK Funky over it. Its a party tune, enjoy.

Skrillex – With You, Friends (Mia Dora’s really? Remix)

Gnarls x

The Itch! Bitch

no dolla?
February 3, 2011, 10:42 pm
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The Itch! Bitch

We’re giving away some free Mia Dora tracks, y’know..cos we’re nice like that. All the files are 320kbps mp3’s…….aren’t we just the gift that keeps on giving?

Olive – You’re Not Alone (Mia Dora Remix)

Notorious B.I.G – Dangerous MC’s (Mia Dora’s Ghetto Booty)

Barrientos – Vous Vous (Mia Dora Remix)

The Itch! Bitch

Megamegaman – Tywyllfyd (Mia dora remix)

Mia Dora – Pornstars With Absent Fathers

The Itch! Bitch


Gnarls x

Big Trouble
January 18, 2011, 5:04 am
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Mia Dorrrrizzle

New Year was carnage. Actual carnage. SWG3 was full to the brim with muso’s and maniacs. Thank you all for making it such fun. I can’t say I remember all that much, though we recorded our set at midnight so if you were there and would like a small piece of memorabilia, or you weren’t and want to hear a small piece of what you missed out on, you can download our set from soundcloud below:

Mia Dora’s midnight set @ Big Trouble in Little Warehouse

You can also check out Mia Dora on Myspace to find out whats new. Click on the image below to open our Myspace:

He's so Gnarly!

Also here’s a couple of new tracks we’ve finished over the last few weeks to check out:

Mia Dora – Baby I’m Bored

Mia Dora – Random Romantics

lots of love,

Mia Dora

(Gnarls and Robs lunchtime crimefighting club)


Mia Dorrrrizzle

Heartbeats: First Pulse
August 14, 2010, 3:03 am
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This is a rare treat. A free download of the Heartbeats compilation, a mix album showcasing a plethora of glasgow based talent. The tracks on the album cover a variety of genres including house, techno, electro and dubstep.

download. enjoy. enjoy some more.

Click here to download Heartbeats: First Pulse


1. Peace – Sleeper

2. B.Tone – Damen

3. Mausr – Eden of Noise

4. Dirty Basement – Sugar Rush

5. Barrientos – Breathe (Original Mix)

6. Kabur – Actualise

7. Rob Etherson & Peeko – OVR Kill

8. ESQ – Little Shark

9. Megamegaman – Dead or Alive

10. Mia Dora – Pornstars With Absent Fathers

11. Kid Robotik – Back The Fuck Off

Compiled by The Heartbeats Collective

Gnarls x

Mia Dorazmataz
August 14, 2010, 2:19 am
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Mia Dora.

Gnarlyface & Rob Etherson

Check them out on Myspace and Soundcloud:

He's so Gnarly!

Mia Dora – Pornstars With Absent Fathers. by Mia Dora

Coming to a community centre near you soon!


Meet Mia Dora…
April 20, 2010, 11:35 pm
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Itch! resident Gnarlyface and local hustling lap dancer Rob Etherson have teamed up under the moniker Mia Dora to make some beats.  Check out their Dubstep remix of Glasgow producer Barrientos’ summer house track Vous Vous:

Barrientos – Vous Vous (Mia Dora Remix) by Mia Dora