The Itch! Bitch

It is not Sunday. But it is hazy.

Not Sunday. Not even Monday anymore. BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t have a Sunday Selection, does it?! No. It doesn’t.

Here’s the latest installment of this dub ting I’ve been putting out. Yes, it’s supposed to monthly. No, there wasn’t one last month. Don’t judge. Just enjoy. Hazy and lazy.

And there will be an other before the month is over, nah worry!

In other reggae-related news, Chungo-Bungo‘s first dance of 2011 is on! It’s all day. It’s outside. It’s 23.07.2011 .

We’ve got King’s Hi-Fi selector Don Zebby coming to visit and he’s joined by the original rasta MC and SW9 legend Brother Culture – who’ll you’ll know from a few of our dubplates (see below for a treat) amongst other tings.

As well as all this we’ll have the B.A.S.S rig bringing the sound, the full CB crew bringing the riddims and a BBQ brining the scran. All you gotta do is bring youself to The Courtyard from 3pm on Saturday 23.07.2011. Follow the links below for full info and tickets. These are selling fast so click now to avoid disappointment!


And here’s a fresh dubplate from Brother Cuture too:

Also just read the post below for the first time since I wrote it. Musta been too hazy to keep you posted about that food situation. Sorry about that. If it makes you feel any better it was probably really tasty. And probably looked a lot like this.

Anyway, I’ve got my hard drive fixed so there should be more content up here soon. Don’t hold your breath though. You know us itch boys like getting hazy, ahahaha.

– chungo


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