The Itch! Bitch

Don’t fuck wit Arnold
June 21, 2011, 2:29 pm
Filed under: General Banter

The Itch! Bitch

today i had a check-out-off with some wise-assed broad in Tesco. Bitches be thinkin’ they all fly n shit.

so this honey was behind me in the self-service checkout queue, but she thought she was all smart n shit and left it for the people operated tills.

i could see her eyeballin’ me all smug n shit thinkin “man that dopey assed son of a bitch. i’m well makin my way for the exit before this cat’s gettin his messages.”

but nah. i knew that weren’t happenin. i could see the chinese man-on-a-mission in front of me was gonna self serve his way through those groceries like nobodies. so it was on. this was a 2 G race, and there was no way i was lettin’ some broad beat me to the check out.

as fate would have it. chinese dude followed through and pulled out a record breakin’ self serving and i swiftly slipped into the check out like a champ. i swaggered out that Tesco looking like the most smug dawg this side of the Clyde. honey looked pissed. so you should sugar, don’t fuck wit Arnold. bitches be gettin’ disciplined…..

The Itch! Bitch


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