The Itch! Bitch

Sunday Dubby Sunday


I’ve been a busy badger this weekend. Thursday I played the Club 520 Japan Fundraiser, which raised £2k for the cause. Big thank you to everyone who came along and eveyone who helped out.

On Friday i was filling in for DJ Greenman at Lebowski’s on Argyle Street. Such a good night, big ups to eveyone skanking and those who said thanks at the end. Love that shit. Saturday was back to 520, again a really good night. Bungo was on fire too, solid selection all night long.

Even after doing all this, I’ve had time to put together this dubbed-out selection. Every song is either produced or remixed by dub legend Mad Professor. If you’ve just been put on your arse by Gnarly’s power hour then this is a great way to put yourself back together in less that 25 minutes. Zoot recommended, but not essential.

I’ve not put a track list up, just ask if you’re curious. Also you win a prize if you can identify the ’90s artist remixed circa 8 mins in.

love, peace & hand grease
– chungo


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