The Itch! Bitch


Ok so our party with Kahn was absolutley off the chain, stay tuned for photos videos and shit. Or if you can’t wait a few days til we get our act together, head over to our Facebook.

So, turns our everyone in Glasgow lost their mind last night. I was playing at Club 520 as per… came out to find about 300 odd folk, complete with lads taps aff, on shoulders, jumping about singing I Just Can’t Get Enough. This went on for a good hour or so before the cops got their way and people started to head home. Sorry about the shite sideways video.

In other news, some rude bastard(s) went baws out and set a fire on Great Western Road. Most rapid extinguish ever courtesy of Strathcylde’s finest.

Now down to business. The Undying Ones have put together this gallus track. This is a first from this pair and everythings very hush hush for the time being, but as soon as I hear anything else it’ll be right here. Hold tight for the sickest multi-lingual Scottish hip-hop you’ll hear this year for sure.

Have a good week eveyone!



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Good pics, good tale and great name for your blog.

Comment by blackwatertown

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