The Itch! Bitch

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February 19, 2011, 3:55 am
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The Itch! Bitch

This is a proper trip down memory lane, bringing you tracks synonymous with the Myspace era.   If there’s one thing I miss about Myspace, it’s the fact that everyone had a profile song.   Albeit your favourite song or just a way of saying how you we’re feeling at the time (remember being emo?), Myspace become a constant education in what everyone was listening to, and for that reason alone, artists found themselves propelled into short-lived online fame.

The following mp3’s are all tracks I’ve stumbled across over the years browsing other people Myspace profiles (in a totally non-creepy way of course).  If I could give the tracks a blanket genre it would be perfect electronic pop.  And they are all perfect.

Beware of the Itch! Bitch

First up is a track by PlayRadioPlay!, AKA Daniel Hunter, a teenage Texan muso who, at the age of 16, became one the first Myspace music superheroes.  Producing all his tracks in his parents garage with little to no formal training he started uploading hit after hit to the point where his unsigned tracks were clocking up 30,000 plays a day.  After eventually signing to Island Records in 2007 Hunter sadly began churning out pish.  This could well be a prime example of large record labels stifling creativity.  However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that for a solid year and a half PlayRadioPlay! put out some of my all time favourite tracks.  This one is the best.

PlayRadioPlay! – Decipher Reflections From Reality

Next up is a band/production duo that made my life when i went to see them in Sleazy’s 4 years ago.   Dressed as what I can only describe as an early interpretation on the 118 118 men, they terrorised the crowd and owned the stage with one of the most dramatic, comedic and just down right entertaining live performances I’ve ever seen.   Klaxons meets Slipknot. It was memorable to say the least.  This is a great track, though I can’t help but feel like it doesn’t quite do their live performance justice.

Gay Against You – teleRAD

These californian homemade pop lovers appear to have disbanded as very little information is available on them.   The once-upon-a-time kings of over-autotuned electronic pop become an indie band in 2006, and once releasing their first full length guitar album seem to have evaporated into nothing.  Shame really, as their early material oozed of electropop fun. This 173647234876bpm track is a prime example.

Rediscover – Baby’s Got Her Gun Out

Homegrown hotshots Colon Open-Bracket were lucky enough to be my ring tone for about 3 years. Though every time I hear this song now I check my phone, which is actually kind of annoying. Though it doesn’t take away from how awesome this song is. WHERE ARE YOU COLON OPEN-BRACKET? GIVE US MORE MUSIC LIKE THIS.

Colon Open-Bracket – Cute

The Itch! Bitch

Gnarls x


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