The Itch! Bitch

On a scale of zero to Chris mad does this make you?
April 20, 2010, 9:06 pm
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Since birth we have suitably scraped the bad-taste-barrel with our PR flyers.  Beginning with the dog eating the baby and working our way through the epic ‘moustache’ flyer as well as the memorable ‘vagisil’ flyer.  We have been proud to keep you entertained, as well as frequently provide you with new material for your bedroom walls.

We did however seem to spark quite a reaction with our March flyer:


Itch! Bitches

Fair doos…it’s pretty grim.  We would, however, like to answer some popular questions about the flyer:

1. no the photo was neither of ailsa or amy.
2. no we wont send you a copy of the original. naughty naughty.
2. yes it turns out that zero cost high definition pornography is in fact very hard to come by.
3. yes, in retrospect..we have may have gone a bit too far with that one.
4. no, we probably haven’t learned our lesson 🙂

on with the show……..


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